ENNY – “Same Old”

It was just a few months ago that ENNY caught large attention of the world after she brought a Jorja Smith-featured remix of her “Peng Black Girls” track to A Colors Show. Now, the South Londoner is back with a new single, “Same Old.”

The track takes aim at many topics that include gentrification, while expressing her frustrations with the lingering nuisances that appear in her every day life.

Check out the track below.

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These 29 Numbers Show How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Our Lives Over the Last Year

It was a year ago that COVID-19 pandemic seized control of our lives. While essential workers remained on the job, the rest of America, confined to quarters, tried to come to terms with a life on pause. Working, learning and passing the time almost entirely from home meant changes in habits, health, relationships and plans for the future. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, of course, but the following statistics outline the contours of the lives we lived.

—With reporting by Patrick Lucas Austin, Judy Berman, Melissa Chan, Jamie Ducharme, Alejandro de la Garza, Tara Law, Belinda Luscombe and Katie Reilly

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An Enormous Mosaic Spanning 1,250 Hours of Exposure Time Captures the Milky Way in Incredible Detail



March 17, 2021
Grace Ebert

The Tulip nebula. All images © J-P Metsavainio, shared with permission
Twelve years and 1,250 hours of exposure time later, Finnish photographer J-P Metsavainio stitched together a massive, 1.7-gigapixel composite detailing every fiery burst and starry expanse dotting the Milky Way. The stellar mosaic documents the 125-degree stretch between Taurus to Cygnus and is comprised of 234 individual images that extend across 10,000 pixels. Nearly 20 million stars are visible in the expanse.
The ongoing project began in 2009, and Metsavainio knew it would take at least a decade to realize. “As a visual artist, the composition of the image means a lot. During the years, I have shot hundreds of individual targets from the Milky Way. Each image taken is an independent artwork. At the same time, I always kept in my mind the needs of the final large composition,” the photographer said, noting that he captured the more pronounced elements, like supernovae, first before filling in the gaps.
After shooting with relatively short focal length instruments the last few years, Metsavainio plans to use this incredibly high-resolution panorama as a map as he shifts to longer focal length tools in the coming months. Find details on Metsavainio’s entire process, along with specifics on the equipment used, on his site, where you also can find a larger portfolio of his galactic projects. (via PetaPixel)

The full composite image in mapped colors from the light emitted by ionized elements. Hydrogen = green, sulfur = red, and oxygen = blue. (click to zoom)
The 125-degree stretch from Taurus to Cygnus
Detail of Wolf Rayet Shell around the star WR 134
California Nebulam NGC 1499
Sharpless 124 & the Cocoon Nebula


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Eve Shares 20th Anniversary Release Of ‘Scorpion’ Album

One of rap’s most influential musicians of all time (this isn’t up for debate), Eve is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of her sophomore album Scorpion with a deluxe re-release of the project.

“It’s crazy it’s been 20 years since Scorpion dropped!” Eve says of the project. “I remember the whole process of putting that album together, so many great moments and working with amazing artists and producers and of course winning a Grammy! And tracks that have lasted the test of time musically.”

As well as remastered versions of the project’s original 16 tracks, Eve has also shared four bonus tracks. A 2LP Vinyl version will arrive April 16, with one hundred special edition signed copies will be available exclusively on Urban Legends.

Listen to the Scorpion 20th anniversary version, below.