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Laura WagenknechtIN AWE (Inspiring & Advancing Women’s Excellence) hostess Laura Wagenecht talks about all aspects of women in business. The show will cover various topics, ranging from climbing the ladder to success, sexism, racism, agism, being a female entrepreneur, being the only woman in the room, to trying to be superwoman and parent children and work full-time, women’s bias against other women, women in the military, and women in a variety of industries. The guests will be from all walks of life and share their stories to help other women advance their professional journey. Stay tuned on Thursday morning’s at 9:00 a.m. on WPVM 103.7!

Laura’s Story
Laura has been facing obstacles simply for being female since she was 10 years old. She encountered the first obstacle when she wanted to play baseball in the little league but was denied simply for being a girl. At that point, her father stepped in and she got permission to participate in the team. But then again, after playing for three years she was excluded again from advancing to the Pee Wee league just because of her sex.

Despite all difficulties, Laura has climbed the ladder to success and held many different leadership positions, including being an Executive Director/CEO of an organization. Because of this experience, she knows how tough it is to be in lower-, middle-, and upper-management – each bringing their own set of challenges.

During her 37 years in the workplace, she observed how women were treated and how the “rules” were applied differently to men vs women. Even amongst women, there was a lack of support for other female colleagues. Laura decided that she had to do something about it and became a Certified Executive Coach to help advance women in the workplace.

With these all-around experiences, Laura is a thought leader in helping women become the very best of themselves.

Laura Wagenknecht, MSW, CEC
Chief Executive
Mosaic Business Consulting, LLC
Phone: (828) 338-2833

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