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PJDJ (PJ Ewing) from Lester the Nightfly

Our host, PJ Ewing (a.k.a. PJDJ), has been well-known for his love of music since his earliest days in New York City. PJ brings his knowledge of countless musical genres to this hour-long weekly deep-dive into the eclectic.

Lester The Nightfly presents late-night sonic visions that should inspire you to seek new music beyond the the familiar. PJ is not satisfied to simply play the music, rather he wants to get behind the work, learn about the artists’ inspirations, hear from the creators, and simply follow his nose to see where the music leads us.

Details on each show can be found at Lester The Nightfly. Playlists, photos, videos and the research work behind the episode are on display for you to explore there. There you can see what episodes are “in the works” for future broadcasts of Lester the Nightfly. And you can see the full catalogue of all past episodes including the story of the show name, a nod to Donald Fagen of Steely Dan.

The Show Format

“I am to surprise you,” commented show host in a recent interview on Twice 5 Miles. “I want to share music that the audience has likely not heard before” As you will hear, each Lester the Nightfly episode is really quite different from the next. Sometimes PJDJ is up late creating a highly focused musical experience. Sometimes he is playacting, inviting you to join him on a music adventure. And then there are the guests. Generally not music professionals. Rather we learn about music from those who absolutely love it. The music of the people. Sure there is analysis and band notes and histories from some guests, but often the music presented is from the viewpoint of the person who just simply loves the sounds.

We’ll dive in as deep as we can most of the time… but sometimes a song is just… simply… fabulous – it its own right.

If you have thoughts or comments or recommendations for future shows you can email our PJDJ here: PJ Ewing

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