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 Fertile Ground for Conversation Worth Having

Hosted by Asheville native James Navé

Radio matters. That’s why when owner and station manager Davyne Dial invited me to host a weekly podcast radio show for WPVMFM 103.7 on air from downtown Asheville, I said yes right away. I named the show Twice 5 Miles Radio: Fertile Ground For Conversations Having. I take my inspiration from NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, On Point with Tom Ashbrook, The Diane Rehm Show, and On Being with Krista Tippett. The conversations here explore culture, poetry, spirituality, art, education, business, politics, and literature.  It’s my great pleasure to share this work with you. Enjoy.

Twice 5 Miles Radio Shows

My Mother Gave Me Mesopotamia and other Stories with Jacki Lyden

MY MOTHER GAVE ME MESOPOTAMIA and other stories with former NPR correspondent and memoirist Jacki Lyden. Did Jacki’s mother give her Mesopotamia? Listen and find out. In this lively conversation, Jacki tells us that her career as a journalist started when she won a prize in the third grade for her essay on why she liked apples. Could she have known in the third grade that she would go on to have a 30-year NPR radio journalism career which spanned the world? Would she have guessed that she would launch her career by joining an east coast rodeo and end up falling off a horse in Nitro, West Virginia? Was it an adventure that propelled her to cover the conflict regions of middle-east for NPR? Jacki Lyden is a natural born storyteller. We’re lucky to have her on Twice 5 Miles Radio

LEAF Leadership with LEAF Community Arts Executive Director Jennifer Pickering.   

Jennifer is one of the few people who has seen one of her greatest visions far exceed her wildest dreams. You may know her vision as The LEAF Festival and LEAF Community Arts.  In this conversation, Jennifer talks about how she and her team of highly skilled LEAF festival producers, have been bringing The LEAF Festival alive in Black Mountain each May & October for the past 23 years.  You’ll quickly discover that LEAF is more than a festival, it’s a global organization which supports the arts in many counties around the world. If there was ever a force for good LEAF Community Arts can claim that title. We have Ms. Pickering’s leadership and the hard work of her LEAF team to thank for it.

The Balance of Money with Peter Krull

THE BALANCE OF MONEY with Peter Krull, entrepreneur and CEO of Earth Equity Advisors in Asheville. How does your money work for you? Peter and I open this conversation with a lively exchange about the beauty of birds in flight. He notes that the order of a flock of birds and the precision of money have a great deal in common. Peter remind us that money and birds move in a circular fashion of mathematical sense. Peter recommends making conscious investments in accord with your values and lifestyle.

A Vision of the World with Loretta Shelton

Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes theologian and Executive Director of Four Seasons Compassion for Life Foundation Loretta Shelton to the mic. I first met Loretta a few years ago one afternoon in early spring. She was the first to arrive at an Imaginative Storm writing workshop I was hosting at Court McCracken’s studio in the Asheville’s River Arts District. Loretta exuded natural confidence which extended beyond the room. It was an awareness of spirit, an awareness of that “still small voice” which speaks from another place, close, yet far away. Loretta and I went to OM Sanctuary for the interview. Within minutes, I knew Loretta’s story was the perfect fit for the Christmas weekend.

What Happens in Asheville Stays with Jason Sanford

Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes journalist and publisher of Ashvegas Jason Sanford to the mic. I asked, “what’s the difference between fake news and true news?” I figured if anyone could answer that question, Jason could. After all, he founded and still owns one of Asheville most successful online newspapers called Ashvegas. His tagline reads, “The city you love. The news you want.” Jason did an excellent job of answering my fake news question. You’ll have to listen in to find out what he says. To be sure, Mr. Sanford was born to sniff out stories and tell them like the old newsroom journalists back in the days when editors were gruff and reporters had mud on their shoes. Word on the street, Jason Sanford is just around the corner, his beat is Asheville; his next story could be yours.

The Anatomy of an Entrepreneurial Mind with Jonathan Jones 

Twice 5 Miles Radio hosted welcomes Jonathan Jones (known to his friends as John) to the mic. John is a music producer, artist, and thought-leader and an Asheville native with a talent for art and business. During our conversation, I learned our that paths first crossed in the early 90s at The Green Door, the famous Asheville Poetry Slam venue. John was eight years old sitting in the front row with his poet father watching the slammers duke it out for money and scores. In this conversation, John touches on growing up in Asheville. He talks about how The LEAF Festival influenced him to form a successful band. He discusses what it takes to be a multi-dimensional entrepreneur. John has a talent for sprinkling useful life tips throughout his stories.


Poetry, Hollywood, and Taos with Sharmagne Leland-St.john-Sylbert 

Twice 5 Miles Radio welcomes poet and publisher Sharmagne Leland-St John-Sylbert to the microphone. How does one become a poet? Everyone has a different answer to that question. It might be fair to say Sharmagne’s journey as a poet began when she had tea with Frank Lloyd Wright while she was a young girl growing up in Hollywood. In this interview, Sharmagne tells compelling stories about going to High School during the American Graffiti days. She digs into her ideas about why poetry matters in 2017. She lifts up some funny stories about living in a closet-sized room at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC. One of her neighbors had trees in his room with snakes on the branches. The stories go on. Listen & Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Twice 5 Miles”

  1. Hello James. We have seen each other, and know many of the same folks. I came to Taos in the late sixties, as a “settler” of Morningstar commune, left for a few years and returned in 1978. I’ve filed a number of roles in Taos, including being the Restorative Justice facilitator (for juveniles)in Taos County for the last decade, and the Spiritual Care Coordinator and Manger of Volunteer Services at Mt. Home Health Hospice for the past 5 years; after 5 years as Director of the Being with Dying Project at Upaya Zen Center. I co-produced the documentary- Mustang to Menri- (with Andrea Heckman), based on my connection to Menri Monastery in India and spent a number of years doing video interviews and filming theater and dance when video was just beginning here in Taos…and published The Gatekeeper, through Dancing Dakini Press, based on conversations with Bon monks and lamas. I just became aware of your show! I enjoyed the format and intention and hope you will consider me as a guest…Wishing you health and happiness and courage in this New Year from the snow covered mesa of Arroyo Hondo… regards, Rose Gordon

  2. I had listened to today’s Democracy Now broadcast so I was tuned to your radio station.
    when I returned to the station it was towards the end of your program.
    I am not a regular or even frequent listener to your program.
    Today, however, your conversation with the man who had spent time in Burma-shifted my ungrateful and fearful mind.
    I wanted you to know my appreciation for your kind and thoughtful program today.





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